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Who Heals the Healers is a workshop/training to promote wellness and healing for helping professionals in the face of uncertain times.  The recent uptick of violence, sickness, death, and racism among our communities has produced depression, anxiety, and trauma. These emotions have become overwhelming and must be dealt with appropriately to ensure growth and healing.  It is imperative we provide support for the leaders in families and community agencies.  Our community must engage in healthy coping and therapeutic support to overcome this devastating trauma.

Our workshops, groups and individual sessions explore the following:

  • Managing triggering conversations around violence
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Positive Coping
  • Coping for Cyclical and Generational Trauma
  • Therapeutic Support – Examining the stigma of mental health in the Black Community
  • Information, resources, and guidance regarding grief, loss and toxic stress resulting from community violence
  • Intentional self-care

Appropriate Spaces for Who Heals the Healers

  1. Educational Institutions
  2. Social Agencies
  3. Non-Profits
  4. City & Government

Meet The Team

Dr. Keith Dempsey, Ph. D, LPC

Dr. Dempsey is the former Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Counseling at George Fox University. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, he is particularly passionate about issues of cultural sensitivity, cross-cultural mentoring, and culturally specific coping for Black people.  Dr. Dempsey has conducted national presentations regarding counseling issues and the plight of Black men.  He is the past President of the Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (WACES).  Dr. Dempsey has 20+ years of professional experience in the helping field. 

Unique Page, PhD Candidate, LPC

Professor Page is the director of the Portland Counseling and Training Center at George Fox University. She is a licensed professional counselor with the state of Oregon and a nationally certified counselor. Professor Page’s research interest include the impact of racial trauma.  She has conducted several national presentations in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. She operates a private practice serving individuals, couples and families with a specialty in adoption, blended families and people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Donita Jordan- Marriage and Family Therapist

Donita is a Native of Portland Oregon and proud graduate of Jefferson High School.  She went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from University of Portland.  She later graduated with a Master’s degree in marriage and family counseling at George Fox University.  She currently has a thriving private practice in her hometown of N/NE Portland.  She serves couples, families and individuals working through life’s struggles. Donita has a genuine heart to see people healed and fully functioning in life. She also serves as an adjunct professor at George Fox University.

Jonicia Shelton - Child, Individual, Family and Marriage Therapist

Jonicia was born and raised in NE Portland. She attended Woodlawn Elementary, Whitaker Middle and Jefferson High School. She chose to leave Oregon to attend a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), Dillard University in New Orleans Louisiana while majoring in Psychology. Later receiving a Masters in Social Work from Portland State University with an emphasis in schools. 

Dennis Ahana, MS

Dennis attended Concordia University as a student athlete on the basketball team.  He Graduated from the institution with a BA in Psychology and minor in Exercise Sports Science. He later went on to graduate from Multnomah University in 2020 with a MA in Counseling.  He is currently working as a child and family therapist.  He is also a consultant for issues regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

When it comes to therapy, his biggest emphasis is on therapeutic rapport. He believes it is the foundation of the therapeutic process.  Dennis is also a strong proponent of dispelling the myth that therapy is not for Black people.

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