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As a former University Professor and Associate Dean in the Graduate School of Counseling, Dr. Dempsey has been an educator on the highest level. He gleans from his leadership experience, and mental health expertise to provide training in several areas.

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Our workshops are custom designed and specific to every team we work with for sustainable impact.



Our trainings are designed to bring the best out of our clients, their bottom line, and their business practices.



Our diverse team of experts are culturally responsive, experienced and ready to enhance individual and team well-being.

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Culturally Responsive Experts & Professionals.

Mental Health - The Human Experience

Highly Effective Teams

Healing The

The Culturally Responsive Counselor

Cultural Awareness Training

Healthy Emotional Contracts

Healthy Emotional Contracts

Too often, people navigate life through lenses of fear, stress, and past trauma. Operating in this manner makes one experience self-doubt and question their personal power. These beliefs become the foundation for unofficial contracts that limit greatness and provide barriers when seeking the road to wellness and a better self. This workshop will explore: ·

Mental Health - The Human Experience

Since the pandemic in 2020 there has been a increased awareness regarding the importance of mental health needs. As more people acknowledge the need for therapeutic services, they may be reticent to seek help as mental health issues have become taboo in some spaces. This training/workshops breaks the stigmas and promotes that mental health issues are a human experience that we all navigate. Topics covered include:

Highly Effective Teams

In this fast pace world success often relies on the strength of your team. No matter how talented you are as an individual, team work always makes the dream work. This interactive workshop will provide tools to reduce frustration, unnecessary stress and confusion. Topics covered include:

Healing The Healer

This workshop explores how helping professionals such as social workers, nurses, nannies, teachers and counselors endure the trauma of their clients. The training focuses on:

The Culturally Responsive Counselor

After the pandemic mental health services are needed more than ever. In order to serve diverse populations, counselors must continue to seek on-going training in the area of cultural responsiveness to serve a multitude of clients during what some characterize as a mental health crisis. Topics covered include:

Cultural Awareness Training

This training explores the concepts and benefits of cultural competency and cultural humility. The training will provide practical examples and scenarios featuring real-world examples that will help people navigate an increasingly diverse world. Topics covered include:

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